Celebrating winter solstice

Winter solstice is here, the longest night of the year. Time to look back on the past year, to be grateful for all the good and the challenging experiences and time to celebrate! We met around the fire to share stories and food, as well as love and joy. Moon and stars were dancing while Mother Earth slept, covered in a white blanket. The bird people sent their greetings – wild geese flying south at midnight, a robin watching our breakfast.

Good bye, 2021! CT

EWM Pre-Christmas Camp

Before Christmas European Wilderness Mentors in their third and last year of training are following their own aspirations at our spot on Hermannswerder in Potsdam. This is what we are doing presently: Burning bowls, carving Christmas trees, making nettle string, throwing ancient hunting sticks, making fire with bow drills and pump drills, manufacturing foldable saws (see May 2021 blog), reading animal tracks, playing animal form games not only to keep warm, telling stories, cooking for the whole pack over the open fire and most of all enjoying each other´s presence. AP

Step by step instruction how to carve a Xmas tree