Wildnismentor nature reconnetion

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Course Day reconnection

for future childcare practitioners in training

Team Reconnection

as in-service training for staff at childcare settings

International Reconnection

for our students together with our partner in Sweden

Customized Reconnection

for children, youths and adults of all age groups


Nature reconnective practice

Essential to Wildnismentor activities is a learning climate characterised by cooperation and mentoring with all senses, natural learning in a common process. Participants acquire skills and attitudes for a time that is all about acceptance of life and sustainability if we want to maintain our foundations of life. 

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Rediscover your inner child

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What people say about us

Throughout the course there is a shift happening from “going out into nature” to “being part of nature”. (…)
For many of us the EWM course was a re-awakening of our inner child.
Christine Tirkot
Course graduate 2022
Mit Tipi, Sitzplatz und Fahrt wird ein Setting gestellt,
das in radikaler, aber sachangemessener Weise den beengenden Rahmen unseres gewohnten schulischen Systems sprengt.
Otto Seydel
Überlinger Institut für Schulentwicklung
This course is not about dry teachings soon to be forgotten, but about learning from and with each other, about the lasting connection and the re-connecting to nature we are experiencing and spreading.
Simone Geguszies
Course graduate 2022

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