Wildnismentors on Summer Färd

We have just returned from our annual Friliftsliv summer färd funded by Erasmus+ programme and guided by mentors of Sjövik Folkhögskola. A one week canoe tour on Björnan river, a handcrafting week at Nysätersvallen as well as a hiking week in Vedungsfjället Naturreservat gave us a good clue what Friluftsliv is all about. We improved our general outdoorskills when planning food, cooking outdoors, setting up camp. We practiced effective paddle techniques (even in white water rapids!) and rescued each other in capsize training. Our mentors instructed traditional handcrafting skills like carving and needle binding. To reciprocate we shared some practical elements of wilderness pedagogy with our hosts. We sang a lot, shared our stories and appreciated balsamic time in nature far off technology and busy schedules.

Thank you Caro, Zebastian, Tommy, Nils and Ophelia for sharing your way with us and connecting with us so deeply. We are looking forward to the winter trip in January 2024.

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