Green Woodworking during Werkwoche Project Week at BSH June 2018 & 2019

Participants made little pieces of furniture out of an oak trunk in Potsdam Wildpark

Greenwood Skills:

  • Splitting trunk with a froe
  • Sawing planks with a Japanese whaleback saw
  • Shaving legs with a drawknife on shavehorses
  • Cutting tenons with a tenon cutter

Wilderness Day for class Windrosen (year 5) – AWO Grundschule Marie Juchacz on 26.09.2019

  • Tracking (Spuren lesen lernen)
  • Nature Hide and Seek (Wildes Verstecken und Finden)
  • Fire Making
  • Wild Cooking
  • Expanding senses – (dear ears, owl eyes, foxwalk)
  • Sitspot routine
  • Mysterious nightwalk (noises at a dead trunk, feeling a woodpecker´s flat in the dark, flashlight firework in the trees, …)
  • Stories told by a night elf
  • Whole class overnighter in the tipi

Wilderness Day with class SoA20 of BSH on 11.11.2020 in Langerwisch

Course EWM 2020 planned a reconnection day on the four elements for future social assistants.

Read about the planned schedule of activities containing core routines and expected awareness indicators.