Wilderness mentors welcome international guests at Schlaubemühle

From 25.04.-04.05.22 Potsdam´s Wildnismentors were having guests from Sweden and Romania. The visit formed the last part of an Erasmus Strategic Partnership Project. After getting to know the base of the German Wildnismentors by circling the island of Hermannswerder in canoes our guests received some input on the Coyote Mentoring approach. They also followed a songline to the course place in Kieskutenberge forest. Basics of the circle way and in wildlife tracking were applied during the following nine day stay at BUND centre Schlaubemühle. There we did not have to go far to find an abundance of animal footprints and bird voices. At nightly campfires we exchanged stories, songs and dances from our countries or made our own ones. A longer hike led us to an overnight stay at a BBQ cabin at lake Treppelsee. Early morning bird watching/listening and a rallye around the lake provided more stories and songs. At a weekend marketplace German Wildnismentors offered several activities for the guests: felting, body wellness, knot binding wristbands, footprint artwork. Back to Potsdam the whole party said good bye to Hermannswerder in a dragonboat race.

Participants most of all appreciated that they had time to follow their passions and to rediscover their inner child. Three years of project work was displayed at Coyote Camp during 30. Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt on Hermannswerder. There teachers of three countries also offered workshops on certain aspects of their approaches.  AP  


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