Teaching Idea: Taste of the place – sensory connection to nature

If we want to deepen our connection to nature and our surroundings, we have to engage all senses. We use our visual sense nearly all the time and often even remember to listen and to feel, but to really address our reptilian brain and embed a place in our sensory memory, taste and smell are crucial aspects. Fortunately, there are always our plant friends coming to the rescue!

Boil some water, infuse a bunch of the local edible or medicinal plants and you can have a taste of the place which is unique in every place and time of year. Try a different mixture every day, get a feeling for the changing seasons and the natural abundance of flavours throughout the year. Blossoms, leaves, stems, roots, needles, fruits, seeds, seaweeds, mosses, lichens – let your curiosity be your guide.

Just take good care to avoid poisonous species! Gather only species well-known to you or cross-check for safety with naturalist guides. And of course, be extra careful regarding any handicaps or medical conditions in yourself or your companions which could be negatively affected by medicinal plants. CT

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