Unravelling the mystery

On a walk near some flooded meadows and reeds I found an eggshell. I´m not sure if it´s from a swan or a goose, both are known to breed there and both the size and colour of the eggs can be almost alike.

But the time of year and surrounding tracks presented a nice puzzle – it was much too early in spring to be hatched already. More likely a predator had snatched it from the nest.

I´m actually quite frustrated with the pandemic and accompanying restrictions due to which my urban kindergarden group couldn´t go on a trip to the forest for more than a year.

But why not bring the mystery inside?

I thought this could prove an excellent opportunity to introduce field guides to the children. So, I took some pictures of the tracks and the egg and the next morning found my little trackers and me engrossed in a field guide and wondering what might have happened out there.

Our best guess is a racoon stealing and eating the egg. Maybe you can come up with a better idea? CT

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