Sitspot routine as a mentor

`Core routines of nature connection` as starting point and fundament of `Coyote Mentoring`

In wilderness education and deep ecology it is assumed, that modern people are often not connected with the signs, sensations and voices of their inner self and of the natural world around them. Our body system is tuned into the daily routines and habits which follow the requirements of a so called civilized lifestyle and our genuine natural feedback systems are often half asleep, weakened, distracted or overloaded so to speak. That lack of awareness leads into more or less consciously disregarding the essential needs, vitality, wisdom, flow and cycles of our inner and outer nature – a state of mind and being which is named `disconnection`. Core issue of wilderness pedagogics is to light the spark and nourish the fire of `reconnection`. To awaken and strengthen that genuine human ability it is essential to practice so called `core routines of nature connection`.

Deeper meaning of the `core routines of nature connection` is to expand the human consciousness due to opening up for aware and present being in nature with all senses and getting experience based to realize one´s own close interweaving with the natural network of life, what reawakens curiosity, amazement, openness, trust, awe, gratitude and responsibility for us and our universe in the face of miracles of life.

After five years of personal practicing and deepen and broaden that experience while sharing with my colleague and mentees via performing, journaling and reflecting I have the impression that the `sitspot` or `secret place` might be one of the most valuable mentors among a broad diversity of `core routines`. Mainly because it teaches you to come back to a quiet, open and observant attitude. For me the `sitspot` is like the calm space in the eye of the storm – helps for all what you can meet and find in life.

`Core routine`: `Sitspot` or `secret place`

The `sitspot` or `secret place` is an exercise of precepting, observing and hence re-connecting back to nature. Over the course of the season you regularly visit a place to spend some time in silence to experience the animate earth with all senses and consequently to get in touch and resonance with it. Due to that you will get to know your place and yourself in an intense and awareness rising way. You can find that place following criteria of preferences or the place can find you e.g. guided intuitively by aimless wandering. It makes sense to stick to one or two locations you will become familiar with. So you will learn to perceive changes, to understand movements and processes that the place undergoes in a year´s course. You will recognize the influence of the weather regarding well-being and phenomena. By fully aware approaching the place and staying there you will give animals the chance to get used to your presence and to show themselves – even make contact. You could extend your perception of `sitspot` and your way there by drawing a map of the surroundings, by sensing which story(s), which song(s) the place induces, by exercising in listening, seeing, tasting, smelling, feeling, balancing or meditating. There are no limitations to the curious and friendly tuning into the inner and outer nature within the here and now, except not feeling comfortable and dealing with spinning and jumping thoughts. So you have to find out how to comfort your body and to calm down your mind before or while being at your place. With your returning presence, openness and allowance the place will begin to talk, evoke questions, give comfort and companionship to you.

Personal task as preparation for the LTTA in Germany

Please find your `sitspot` and note how you found the place or the place found you. Which are your criteria for a good spot?

Please note your preparations in order to feel comfy and calm at your place. Do you bring something with you (gear, food …)?

Please try to visit that spot at least three times before we meet in Germany. Take your time and be present.

Take some notes afterwards: thoughts, images, experiences, questions, sensations, songs, poems – whatever appears/ comes up. Which time of the day have you been there? How was the weather/ atmosphere? How did you feel when you entered the place? How afterwards? How long did you actually stay? (…)

If you want, you can extend the core routine by wandering, mapping, sketching, tracking … whatever comes to your mind – only: Please try at each visit to stay at the place in silence and aware for a while before falling in activities again; say about half an hour minimum.


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