Seize the opportunity! Or: Tracking for youngsters

Usually we get very little snow in my region during the winter. So when we found ourselves in a snow-covered world last week, the children in my kindergarten group were really  excited and we decided to go for a walk to a park in our neighbourhood. 
Under normal conditions this park is  quite dull but snow has some magical abilities. 
We found lots of tracks and the questions just bubbled up – who left them and where did they go? We had a good look at the tracks, noticing the balls, toes and claws – a wolf? A cat? More likely a dog. And these smaller tracks? Surely they were made by a cat? But look, there are claw marks, too… 
Soon I had a group of 3 and 4 year olds tracking first one dog across the lawn, then another, gaining insights and confidence along the way. What a joy to watch the little trackers with their red cheeks and bright eyes! CT

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