European Wilderness Mentors on Summer Friluftsliv Tour in Sweden

In August course instructors as well as future European Wilderness Mentors went on a Friluftsliv summer experience to Sweden. As in the years before we were hosted for three weeks by Sjöviks Folkhögskola in Folkärna. The mobility was funded by Erasmus+ programme. Swedish Friluftsliv mentors in training were taking us up north for a canoe trip on Dalälven river, a crafts week at the cabin camp Nysätersvallen as well as a 5 day hike in Vedungsfjället Nature Reserve. This hands on learning experience provided us with numerous skills for a simple and comfortable life outside. Paddling techniques, manoeuvering, capsize training, splitting wood, making fire, carving, fishing, food planning, navigating, building camp, open fire cooking are only some examples. Some of the participants changed visibly during the stay in close contact with their group and the elements. That trip has given us lots of impulses for our work at childcare and youthwork settings in our region as well as for a Coyote Camp in November (see blog entry before). AP

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